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How to export PostgreSQL data to a JSON file

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You know this data sitting in a PostgreSQL database that you have always wanted to export to a JSON file?

FROM people
WHERE meaning_of_life = 42;

--  id | name  | meaning_of_life
-- ----+-------+-----------------
--   1 | Alice |              42
--   2 | Bob   |              42
-- (2 rows)

Because PostgreSQL is awesome, it supports JSON and has a lot of cool functions to work with JSON. Let’s start by converting those rows to JSON objects using the row_to_json function:

SELECT row_to_json(people)
FROM people
WHERE meaning_of_life = 42;

--                  row_to_json
-- ----------------------------------------------
--  {"id":1,"name":"Alice","meaning_of_life":42}
--  {"id":2,"name":"Bob","meaning_of_life":42}
-- (2 rows)

You can now aggregate these rows into a JSON array with the json_agg aggregation-function:

SELECT json_agg(row_to_json(people))
FROM people
WHERE meaning_of_life = 42;

-- Note: the result is represented on two lines here
-- for readability, but it's really one long line of
-- JSON in a single row:

--                     json_agg
-- ------------------------------------------------
--  [{"id":1,"name":"Alice","meaning_of_life":42},
--   {"id":2,"name":"Bob","meaning_of_life":42}]
-- (1 row)

Finally, convert this data to text and dump it to a file using the COPY command:

  SELECT json_agg(row_to_json(people)) :: text
  FROM people
  WHERE meaning_of_life = 42;
) to '/path/to/some/file.json';

And your JSON file is ready:

# Note: again, the contents of the file are represented
# on two lines here, but there's only one line in it.
$> cat /path/to/some/file.json

Easy as pie.

Note that you can convert multiple rows into a JSON array with just json_agg, without using row_to_json, but for some reason converting that array to text will introduce line breaks into the resulting text, and the COPY command will serialize those line breaks into literal \n characters instead of actual line breaks.

To my knowledge there isn’t a configurable JSON stringification mechanism in PostgreSQL. It would be nice to have a function equivalent to JSON.stringify that allows you to specify what kind of whitespace you want.